“Called to self-emptying service.”

2014 Benefit: The First Annual Benefit

Last Wednesday evening, the 1st HEAL Benefit took place at Blue Star Bistro and Wine Bar in Chicago.  A wonderful evening was had by all as the spirituality and mission of HEAL was presented to over 50 attendees!

Vice President and founder of HEAL, Leo Okonkwo, spoke about his humble beginnings in mission work, which involved providing clean water and education to the impoverished people of his village in Nigeria.  HEAL President, Nick Costello, spoke of how he got involved in the mission by seeing the Holy Spirit at work in Leo’s witness.

Jason Jones gave an inspiring keynote speech about how we as Christians should have solidarity with our fellow Christians in need, even if they are overseas in West Africa, because we are all members of Christ’s Body the Church.   And, Michael Shimkus offered beautiful guitar and piano renditions, adding aesthetic flair to the occasion.

Finally, the highlight of the evening came straight from the HEAL missionaries working with the orphans and widows in Nigeria and Cameroon!   They produced a remarkable video giving an inside look into the daily life and spirituality of the mission.   Take about 10 minutes to watch the video and come to know HEAL as it really is!

HEAL’s 1st annual benefit on 10/29/14 at Blue Star Bistro & Wine Bar!

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